OnMap is the real estate board for realtors and realtors who belong to the new world, those who improve the face of real estate in Israel


OnMap is the real estate board for realtors and realtors who belong to the new world, those who improve the face of real estate in Israel

We thought of you, the people who connect buyers and sellers, and we realized that the field needs some changes. First of all, equal treatment for all advertisers on the site. It should be easier for you to sell properties, and therefore, the entire site is built for the benefit of this cause. We took everything that technology allows, packed it into smart features, and turned them into a sales and rental experience. Both for you and the users. how exactly? You can keep scrolling and discovering, or just talk to us.

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Selling properties to non-residents

The entire site is presented in 4 languages: Hebrew, English, Russian and French.

Dance people want to buy properties here in Israel. Foreigners are a boiling market, and it's time for them to come to your properties as well. Why not actually?

Upload an ad to a site with a few clicks. We translate it, and then launch the ad to specific audiences we've located around the world.

Get some middlemen's stories about a call from a somewhat surprising prefix ...


The deal from Japan: the engineer


I got a call in English from Japan, at first I laughed a little because I did not believe, but this is an engineer who came to do a PhD at the Hebrew University and yes, we closed a deal on French Hill - I rented her an apartment. She came from a message she saw on Map But she told me it was from an on-map site and sent me the link to the ad on the site :)

Eduardo Finkelstein, Real Estate Agent - Jerusalem


Semyon VS America


A few weeks after I published the ad I get a phone call, in a heavy American accent they tell me we came through an on-map. A couple of Israelis living in the US, Florida, were looking for a cottage in an area called Promenade View, They came to Israel to see and bought. This is the first house they saw in Israel! The amount of the deal: NIS 4 million.

Semyon Barash, owner and realtor of Real Estate Group - Netanya


Goldman's Belgian: Another Pantheon Deal


I made a deal with your client from Belgium, which I estimate he would not have come if you did not have the ad ... Around five million ...! Friends, there is a stunning team here, a little shy, I highly recommend you!

Amit Goldman, CEO and Founder of Goldman Properties, Chairman of the Gush Dan District Realtors' Chamber

Why are the leads from the site insanely high quality?


Why are the leads from the site insanely high quality?

Your assets are also advertised off-site! All on-map advertising is targeted online - Google, Facebook and Instagram.

We identify the audience of our realtors and know how to chase him online with the right assets. In a good segment, in a good atmosphere. Let's say Noam from Netanya was looking for a 4-room apartment in the city center and Yossi, our realtor, has exactly one currently advertised on the site. To browse the story, she will find Yossi's apartment there! Our specialty is to do just that - to send the right property to the right people, so that every request from the site will be super accurate for realtors.

How does it look?


Special promotions on the site

Auto Jump
Ads are bounced up to the top of the list twice daily, without any action necessary on your part
Highlight property in list
The ad will be in bold, with a pinkish-colored background that draws attention to it
Ads that are always placed at the head of the listing, before all other ads – highly recommended

* TOP and highlighted ads promoted off-site in special campaigns for more intense audience attraction

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חברים יקרים כבר יותר מחצי שנה אני עובד עים לוח נדלן און מאפ וכמוני כל אינפיניטי נדלן רבותיי על כל 10 טלפונים שאני מקבל 7 מתוכם מגיעים מאון מאפ לא רק שאני ממליץ זהו לוח נדלן חובה בכל חברת תיווך . ורוצה להודות ליבגני זייליקוב הסוכן הסובלני והאדיב של און מאפ. רבותי עד שלא תנסו לא תידעו חובה !!!!!!!!!

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